How to Find Competent Furnace Installation Companies in Your Area

I’m always shocked by the number of furnace installation companies there are out there. A search for emergency furnace repair in Toronto, for example, yields over 40 results in Google Maps. But even relatively small towns seem to have dozens of such companies, with their big box trucks sporting every possible variation of “air” and “comfort.”

That’s not always good news for homeowners. The sheer volume of competitors in the market makes it difficult to separate the amateurs from the pros.

Worse, many homeowners will jump and hire a company on short notice, without doing much in the way of background checks. When your furnace dies in the dead of winter, you want it fixed fast. This can be a costly mistake.

Before you hire someone to fix your furnace, you’ll want to make sure they’re competent. Here are some tips for finding competent furnace installation companies in your area, fast.

1. Watch Out for Paid Google Advertising

Suppose you’re looking for emergency furnace repair in Toronto. You do a Google search and glance through the top three results. Those must be the best guys and girls on the market, right?

Wrong. Look to the left of the result. See that little box with that says, “Ad”? That means the company paid to have their result shown in the top spot. While it’s not a strike against them, it doesn’t necessarily reflect competence, either.

You’ll want to scroll down a bit more before you pick your winner.

2. Check the Company’s Address

A search for local furnace installation companies should generate a listing of results in the Google knowledge panel — the box that includes a map. Before you choose who to call, check out the company’s address on Google Street View. If you don’t see the company’s name on the building, call the building’s owner to confirm the company actually works there. Fraudulent companies often pretend to have a physical when they don’t.

3. Look at the Reviews

This is the number one most important thing to keep in mind, whether you’re looking for emergency furnace repair in Toronto, air conditioner installation in Houston, or HVAC-related services anywhere else in the world.

It’s often said that people rarely bother to leave reviews on anything unless they’re especially happy or disappointed with the results. That’s largely true — and it’s kind of a good thing. You want to hear both ends of the spectrum. This will help you get a better picture of what you can expect from the company.

Yelp is a trustworthy source of user reviews, along with HomeStars in Canada or HomeAdvisor in the United States. Be more sceptical when it comes to Google Reviews, as some unscrupulous companies are known to purchase fake reviews en-masse to optimize their search engine results.

If the company has no reviews at all? Run. Either the company is brand new, fraudulent, or has recently shed its former name for one reason or another. None of these things is good for you as a homeowner!

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Electrical Work in the Backyard


Pool a great addition to any backyard and a small area that it takes a lot of fun back when it worked properly. For many people who are going through the procedure of decision-making with swimming pool installed in their yard, that a decision in the end, frequently comes down to whether there is diving board or slide mounted on the side of the pool. 

One brand-new development in the arena, pool slide inflatable pool slide. They are sort of tough to picture in my head, so your best choice is to look at them on the Internet. Essentially, it’s a giant inflatable ball slide of plastic, which is installed temporarily on the side of the pool. 

On another note… 

There are also numerous models of pool inflatable slides, which float on the water. They are basically a large drifting island that children get on and then take the slide off into the water. One thing you like about the brand-new pool inflatable slides is their rates; the least expensive of them are working for less than $ 100. 


Kids just enjoy to climb up on these new floating pool drifts islands and the great aspect of them is they are highly budget friendly. In fact you can now get an inflatable pool slide online for around $100. 

One thing that you will need however for all of the pool floats and other pool toys that you obtain, is a safe, dry location to store them. One great concept is to pick up a large piece of old made fishing web and hang it on your fence. It keeps your pool drifts up off the ground dry as a bone. 

Look at Zooomerang if you are more interested in completely mounted fiberglass pool slide. It retails for about $ 700 and sets up quickly and easily. Cyclone is another popular model for continuous slide pool fiberglass and it costs $ 100 less than Zoomerang. 

Keep in mind that you can have a pool slide is set at any time prior to, during or after your pool work done. In addition, another great choice if you are looking over the pool ground, is to choose among the lots of complete sets of pools that are offered that consist of everything you need, including a swimming pool slide, if you want one. 

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Will Your Next Car Be Electric?

Autonomous cars are all the rage at the moment and are getting so much ink these days, it’s easy to forget about electric cars. Driverless vehicles are still in the testing stages, while electric cars have been available to consumers for several years now. However, sales have not reached hoped for numbers because of factors like cost and a limited number of charge point stations. As tech becomes more widely adopted, it becomes cheaper to produce and that is now starting to happen with electric cars.

Here are some reasons why a fully electric car (rather than a hybrid) might be an excellent choice for your next vehicle:

Cost Savings

The environmental advantages of electric cars are obvious, so let’s look at the financial incentive. Electric cars currently require more of an upfront investment but offer savings that help you get that back rather quickly. Among the reasons are the fact that electricity costs are more stable than oil prices, they have lower maintenance costs than internal combustion engine vehicles (simple reason: far fewer parts), and the IRS offers a rather substantial tax credit for these cars.

Greater Range

Earlier electric cars could not travel very far before needing a recharge. Current models can go over 100 miles, which is more than enough to meet the daily needs of most commuters.

More Charge Point Stations

Now that more and more electric vehicles are on the road, the number of charge point stations has increased, greatly reducing the likelihood that you will run out of juice.


Tired of vehicle noise? Your regular car so loud you have to drown out the noise with more noise? Electric vehicles are extremely quiet, which makes thinking and conversation much more pleasurable.

Need more information on electric cars? Here is a very good demonstration video covering how they work:

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Do We Really Need All of That Extra Clarity on New TVs?

As you may have noticed in your local department store, TVs are getting bigger and bigger. 4K is rapidly becoming the image standard, relegating that 1080p 3D TV your brother was bragging about to the technological scrap heap. Yesterday’s technology breakthrough is today’s technology has been. With 4K barely in the door, the industry is already talking about 8K.

I’m starting to feel like Ray Milland’s beleaguered scientist at the end of X: THE MAN WITH X-RAY EYES. Cursed with vision so acute he can now see to the end of the universe, Milland makes a last-ditch attempt to regain his sanity by plucking out his eyes. I don’t suggest anyone go that far, but the incredibly brilliant picture we are getting with new TV tech is a double-edged sword. Yes, movies and television shows look better than ever, but the picture is so good, one can’t help but be distracted by the minutiae not previously visible. I should really be paying attention to the story, not counting the leading lady’s pores or being distracted by how phony the green screen background looks. I pity fans of old movies: yes, black and white looks great in 4K, but those wrinkly cycloramas, previously a soft blur, now look as phony as the background in your daughter’s grade school play.

Sports fans are probably in heaven. I have no interest in this particular pursuit, but 4K sports telecasts catch even my attention for a few minutes. Children are certainly enraptured by cartoons in this format, but they all loved them back when everyone still had 4:3 Cathode Ray Tube sets.

The tech companies will continue to push bigger and better sets on us, but when will people start to lose interest and just go with the lower resolution versions? We haven’t reached that point yet, but I’ll bet it’s only a few years away.

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Why The Electron Beam Method is The Best For Evaporation

Electron Beam (e-beam for short) evaporation is essentially a strong physical vapor process that allows engineers to evaporate things that are unable by resistive thermal evaporation. These things are often high-temperature elements like titanium and gold, and in some cases ceramics such as alumina, dioxide and silicon. If you’re still asking yourself what is e-beam evaporation – – then check out that site.

ebeamOkay, so we know why e-beam evaporation is useful, but how is it used? In short, an intense beam made up of electrons created from a filament is guided by electric and magnetic fields to collide the source material. For example, this material could be a gold pellet. Next, the pellet of gold is vaporized inside a vacuum-like closed environment.

At some point in the process, the energy transfer heats the gold pellet. By this time, the atoms from the surface will be able to separate and leave the gold where they will travel over the vacuum-like chamber. The gold atoms can then be used to cover the substrate that’s placed above all of the evaporated material. This is just one example that uses gold as the material, but there are plenty more and you can find out the best e-beam evaporation techniques that best suit your experiments.

If you’re a visual learner you may benefit from learning about e-beam evaporation from this informative video.

Here’s a summary of the video:

* Once the chosen material (for example, gold) is loaded the chamber closes. The chamber then gets down to a low pressure where electricity can be released. Magnets play a big part in directing this electricity.

* The gold is then heated up and evaporated. This process often takes just a few minutes.

* The sensor on the chamber detects the current rate of evaporation. Once the desired amount is reached, the shutter opens and the atoms are exposed to the evaporating gold. Once the required amount of metal is evaporated the shutter closes.

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#1 Premier Radio Station For News Related To Science And Tech

radioMystik Radio talks about the mysterious elements that dazzle us humans on Earth.  Our topic ranges anywhere between the science between magnetic materials to how to create a cassette tape.  Any new cool new related to tech and science will also be gold material to chat on.  Your hosts will always be Marty and Brian (me), and we’re just two nutty guys with huge curiosity in many different topics.  Pretty sure we both have ADD.  Marty has a degree in engineering, and I have a degree in bioscience.  You might be wondering why we didn’t do anything with our degrees other than start a radio show.  Well, basically we both talk way too much to be able to keep quiet and do proper work, so starting Mystik Radio was sort of our way of sticking it to the boss.

So yeah, go ahead and check out our radio station!  Sometimes we’ll even put on podcasts for when we have special guests.  We’re primarily located in LA, California, so holla at us if you’re ever around!  If you ever have a topic in mind that you want us to talk about, just get in contact with us and we can definitely chat about it!

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