#1 Premier Radio Station For News Related To Science And Tech

radioMystik Radio talks about the mysterious elements that dazzle us humans on Earth.  Our topic ranges anywhere between the science between magnetic materials to how to create a cassette tape.  Any new cool new related to tech and science will also be gold material to chat on.  Your hosts will always be Marty and Brian (me), and we’re just two nutty guys with huge curiosity in many different topics.  Pretty sure we both have ADD.  Marty has a degree in engineering, and I have a degree in bioscience.  You might be wondering why we didn’t do anything with our degrees other than start a radio show.  Well, basically we both talk way too much to be able to keep quiet and do proper work, so starting Mystik Radio was sort of our way of sticking it to the boss.

So yeah, go ahead and check out our radio station!  Sometimes we’ll even put on podcasts for when we have special guests.  We’re primarily located in LA, California, so holla at us if you’re ever around!  If you ever have a topic in mind that you want us to talk about, just get in contact with us and we can definitely chat about it!

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