Will Your Next Car Be Electric?

Autonomous cars are all the rage at the moment and are getting so much ink these days, it’s easy to forget about electric cars. Driverless vehicles are still in the testing stages, while electric cars have been available to consumers for several years now. However, sales have not reached hoped for numbers because of factors like cost and a limited number of charge point stations. As tech becomes more widely adopted, it becomes cheaper to produce and that is now starting to happen with electric cars.

Here are some reasons why a fully electric car (rather than a hybrid) might be an excellent choice for your next vehicle:

Cost Savings

The environmental advantages of electric cars are obvious, so let’s look at the financial incentive. Electric cars currently require more of an upfront investment but offer savings that help you get that back rather quickly. Among the reasons are the fact that electricity costs are more stable than oil prices, they have lower maintenance costs than internal combustion engine vehicles (simple reason: far fewer parts), and the IRS offers a rather substantial tax credit for these cars.

Greater Range

Earlier electric cars could not travel very far before needing a recharge. Current models can go over 100 miles, which is more than enough to meet the daily needs of most commuters.

More Charge Point Stations

Now that more and more electric vehicles are on the road, the number of charge point stations has increased, greatly reducing the likelihood that you will run out of juice.


Tired of vehicle noise? Your regular car so loud you have to drown out the noise with more noise? Electric vehicles are extremely quiet, which makes thinking and conversation much more pleasurable.

Need more information on electric cars? Here is a very good demonstration video covering how they work:

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